Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Emily's turn

I am so proud of my baby girl, my Em. She is starting kindergarten - I keep telling myself I need to hold her hand to the bus stop, watch her climb those stairs on that big, yellow bus and wave good-bye to her, happy that she is starting this new chapter. What I REALLY want to do, is not let go of her hand and keep her home with me, wave good-bye to that big, yellow bus together and run back home to play dolls, read stories and cuddle all day...just like we've done the last 2 years together. Can we still do that, would that be OK?

I haven't blogged in 2 years. But I wanted to today, to say how happy I am for my sweet, fun, cuddly little Emily...she is so excited. I AM excited for her, but I am sad that my baby girl is quickly growing up, just like her big sister is doing. Time isn't slowing down, it can't stop - it's going right before our eyes! I cherish each and every moment - every giggle, every boo-boo, every tickly belly laugh, every little voice talking back, every toy I step on, every moment. Every moment I hold tight in my heart.

Friday, September 7, 2012

What an emotional week

I have to admit that I am relieved this week is over.  I'm looking forward to the weekend, wondering if Madelyn will sleep in Saturday and want to lay around in her PJ's watching cartoons in the morning.  Seems like not long ago I did that when I was in elementary school.

Emily & I stayed busy while Madelyn was in school.  I think she enjoyed the time we had together without big sister around.  She missed her, I know - she asked a few times each day when Madelyn would be home.  She was tired just like the rest of us this week, she asked two days if she could take a nap, to which I was happy to oblige.  She loves her rests.

Madelyn had a great first week at school.  She had just a little nervous hesitation that first day waiting for the bus, but she tried hard not to show it...she proudly stood in line and got on the bus, waving at me through the window - a moment I will have fresh in my heart forever!

I'm so proud of her - my shy little girl, who wants to be every one's friend but won't shout it to the world.  She stands back and observes before she's comfortable joining the group.  For a few days, a little girl at our bus stop (who is also in Madelyn's class) was crying and quite scared.  Madelyn felt bad for her, she told me.  Madelyn offered to sit with her on the bus and even had her arms around her back, I was beaming...my little girl, helping someone - truly, from her heart.

We tried hard not to overwhelm her with questions, we wanted to know everything she did, everything she heard and saw, what the cafeteria smelled like, who she sat with on the bus...she was clearly not ready to answer!  But she opened up when I tucked her in to bed - another moment I'll keep close.  PE was her favorite thing that first day, and she loved the bus. 

The night before our big first day, Ben and I lay in bed tossing and turning.  Crying and laughing...not able to settle and go to sleep.  I decided to log on to Facebook on my phone to find a message about an unnamed classmate who's family suffered a tragic loss the previous day.  I immediately felt my stomach turning.  Later I found out it was a classmate who lost their son in an accident while their family was vacationing at a lake. 

As I learned the details of the accident, my stomach only felt worse.  All week I had a lump in my throat and I cried a lot this week.  I am devastated.  I only know this sweet little boy through the pictures his Dad posts on Facebook.  But his eyes are so beautiful, and his smile is so sunny and contagious, I feel like I've known him forever.  He is an angel, I've said it several times this week.  The pain I feel for his parents, saying goodbye to their little boy...the pain for his big brother who lost a playmate, the pain for his baby sister who may never know him.

His family has requested that donations be made in his name to his elementary school where he just started kindergarten a week earlier.  All donations are going to a playground fund...and I am filled with goosebumps to know that in just five short days, around $20,000 has been donated to lift up the life of this happy little guy.  That is awesome to me.

www.nathanchrisbaker  is the page they are putting together to tell us all of their little boy's life.  There, donations can be made through Paypal - please consider checking it out and I guarantee you'll instantly feel little Nate watching over from above.

Nate's parents put him to rest Thursday, that day I heard how brave and courageously Justin spoke of his son and it gave me some comfort knowing that part of this tragedy is behind them.  I pray for them, for the changes The Baker family will face in the future.  I pray Justin, his wife and their two beautiful children will always feel Nate with them in their hearts.  I will forever remember Nate's sweet face and will vow to love and treasure my children each and every day.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Well, we managed to survive orientation at our new elementary school AND Emily's preschool.  It was great going back to Chester Presbyterian Preschool - I get warm and fuzzy feelings as soon as I walk in the door, just like the day we walked through and toured it when Madelyn was only TWO and baby Emily was in her carrier, only a month old!  The preschool really is like our second family, I missed everyone over the summer.

Emily will have Mrs.Marny & Mrs.Spencer for her second year of preschool, who we adore.  They are both so sweet and so caring - the kids love them.  Emily is excited to have a few of her friends from last year in her class again.  I'll be the room mom again this year for Emily's class, keeps me occupied with things to take care of!  Emily starts school the week after Madelyn, so she and I will have a week to ourselves - all kinds of trouble we can get into!

Madelyn's orientation was great.  Her elementary school welcomed all of us new kindergarten parents with open arms and really made us feel like we'd been there for  years.  Madelyn's teacher is Mrs.Bowman - MELISSA Bowman, her husband's name is BEN !!  They have a son who was born the day after Emily, same year!  How funny is that!  She is pregnant again, due any time now.  We also met Mrs.Green who will be subbing for the weeks that Mrs.Bowman is taking care of her new baby.

The kids were able to get on a school bus and even went to the cafeteria to walk through the lunch line.  BIG changes coming our way - whew -- I think I'm ready, of course I never am really...I'll find a million things I wish I said or did the day she gets on that big bus.  I'm so very proud, but I wonder where the last five years have gone!

I'll have to post some pictures soon...it's been quite a while.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Monday, August 27, 2012

One week to go

Before Kindergarten starts!  It's bittersweet.  I am so excited for Madelyn, she CAN NOT wait - and that makes me so so happy.

I have been OK all summer, her excitement as driven me - it has calmed me and sort of pushed away the "no, not my baby" boohoos.  Until last week.

A few nights ago, I lay in bed, restless - felt the tears starting to fill my eyes.  I couldn't stop thinking of when we brought her home, sleepless nights, poopy diapers, sippy cups, first words, potty training, big girl beds, preschool, making little friends...ugh it was heart wrenching!  And I let it rip - it all just flowed out all over.  At 1am, I went through a box of tissues and tiptoed up to her room to sleep with her in her bed.  It helped - and then I laid with her staring at her sleep and I cried more.  HA  Now I can laugh, if she woke up and saw me she would've screamed because I looked like a monster!

The next day I had the worst headache and my eyes were so puffy - coffee only made me jittery, didn't help the eyes!  I felt groggy all day.

But I've settled since then.  We have a busy week planned, end of summer playdates and looking forward to us spending some quality time together this weekend.  Next Tuesday we'll get up and load her on that big yellow bus and she'll be off....but she'll be back.  I don't know who will hug who bigger and harder when she runs off that bus!!  I can't wait!  I'll have my busy little bee with me to keep me grounded during the day, I love my Em and will treasure these few years of "our" time before we're sending her off to kindergarten too!

A few weeks ago, my Grandparents from Missouri visited.  It was such a special visit, it was the first time they had met Emily.  Madelyn was only 1 1/2 when they saw her last, so it was quite an exciting time for all of us.  I'm so very thankful they are healthy enough to travel and came all the way to see us.  We can't let the time pass next time, 4 years is way too long.

Our summer is winding down.  This last week means the Chesterfield County Fair - our end of summer tradition.  It started slow but sure did come to a quick halt at the end.  I'm so very thankful for all the day trips and weekend getaways, our beach vacation, our family and our wonderful friends who helped make some treasured memories!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Home again!

We had a great time at the beach.  The weather was great, the girls loved getting up early and playing on the beach ALLLL day.  We captured sand crabs, built castles, dug forts in the sand, played with friends (little friends AND grown up friends) and enjoyed each day out of our regular routine.

It was nice catching up with friends from home who were there the same time - had a blast with The Harry crew.  The kids had so much fun playing and running in the sand and splashing in the waves.  The grown ups also had a fun night out for dinner and drinks, good time laughing and singing at karoke.  We even got to go play with The Radfords one day at the pool.

It was a really nice time with family and friends.  We had a litte time with Dad and my nephew Seth, and even had Liz and Mary there, too.  It would've been fun if Uncle Sean were there, but since he pretty much lives at the beach in Florida, he didn't make it up.

Now back to our day to day operations, as the Jones Family Household Engineer, I'm ready to get us through the rest of the summer before school quickly sneaks up on us!  Speaking of school...I have our back to school supply lists for Madelyn in kindergarten AND Emily at preschool, have lots to put together for the year ahead for both girls.

Hoping to get some time in this week to myself - organizing my crafty junk and sewing table.  Ready to be creative again, it's been a while.

I'm thankful for the time we had to regroup and refocus.  One of my very favorite things was watching my two little girls giggle and play on the beach, pretend they were mermaids, yelling at the waves because that made (the waves) bigger.  They are so imaginative, so free-spirited and bring me happiness.  I'll hold those memories forever, LOVE fills my heart.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hello, are you out there?

Does anyone still keep up with our long lost blog?  We all know it's been a long time since I've posted a blog.  Things have been fine for all of us ... our girls are growing like the weeds that are thriving in this 100+ heat wave, Ben and I are here - thankful those weeds are green but trying not to let them take over!!  HA 

No really - we're thankful for our health and family, thankful we're able to enjoy day trips and vacations, thankful for our friends and play dates.  Things have been good - really good.

Although I'd be fibbing if I didn't say we've had a hectic sort of year, adjusting to some family changes, some "what-ifs" and unknowns that neither Ben or myself seem to take in a go get 'em sort of attitude.

I have said it before, and never stuck with it - I (we) have to make some changes.  I get so caught up in finding all these things to better my day-to-day life, but never give myself time or energy to focus on it.  I think I'm too hard on myself and don't allow myself time to think of... ME.  We love our life, where we are and what wonderful blessings we have, but something is just missing...something little - something simple.  Just a small tweak could mean a whole lot more happiness for me, which means for us all :)

We're leaving for the beach in a few days, a much needed vacation to re-group and think about what truly makes us happy, what that small tweak will be when we return home and hit it head on!

Feels good to post again, whew - big sigh!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just a minor setback...

Our house was on lock-down last week...we've all been sick.  I have been sick with a cold for THREE weeks now!  UGH!  The girls have had stuffy OR runny noses, Madelyn has had a cough and even Ben stayed home last week when we both were hit with a 24hr bug.  The aches, pains, fever, cough, sore throat...at least we were goin down together! :)

Back to the grind this week - back to school, back to playing, back to cooking & cleaning.  By next week I'm going to have my menus planned out for the week ahead, it will help greatly with shopping trips and planning dinners.  I've been struggling with that after the holidays.

Lots to start prepping for -- Bens Birthday, Valentines Day, Madelyn's Birthday...Em's in April -- it's all happening way too fast, I can't get it in my grasp!!